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Meet the CSAB: Professor & Subject Chair Henry Wai-chung Yeung

on Wed, 06/05/2024 - 15:22

This is the  latest article in a series on the Scopus blog, featuring the Scopus Content Selection and Advisory Board (CSAB). The CSAB is an international and editorially independent group of scientists, researchers and librarians who represent the major scientific disciplines. Using strict title selection criteria, these experts determine whether journals are eligible for indexing in Scopus, and they continually re-evaluate these titles to make sure quality is maintained.  

Throughout this series, we will introduce you to different board members, offering insights into their roles within the CSAB and exploring their perspectives on the purpose of the board. 

Professor Henry Wai-chung Yeung 

National University of Singapore  


CSAB Chair - Social Sciences; Education  

Let's dive into the fascinating life of Henry Yeung, an accomplished scholar specializing in human geography and global production networks. Henry's academic journey has led him to explore diverse areas of research and make significant contributions to his field. 

During his academic pursuits, Henry has contributed to theoretical and philosophical aspects within human geography, delving into complex thinking in this field. In addition, he has conducted empirical research on global production networks and global value chains, unraveling the intricate dynamics of who produces what, where, when, and why. His insights provide valuable knowledge in the realm of economic geography and broader regional and development studies. 

Henry's expertise has garnered him recognition and invitations to prestigious events. He recently delivered a plenary talk at the Stockholm School of Economics’ 2023 Heckscher-Ohlin Conference, where he discussed the fragmentation of production and international trade tensions alongside other renowned economists from Harvard and Yale. This opportunity showcased his profound understanding of the subject matter. 

Looking ahead, Henry eagerly anticipates the launch of the 2023 Global Value Chain Development Report at the University of International Business and Economics (Beijing), in collaboration with the Asian Development Bank and World Trade Organization. This report holds significant importance as it focuses on the role of trade and production in global development, contributing to the advancement of knowledge in this area. 

Beyond his academic pursuits, Henry is actively involved with the Scopus Content Selection and Advisory Board. Henry was initially invited to the CSAB by the late Jim Wright, a Professor Emeritus of sociology at the University of Central Florida.   Henry accepted the position out of friendship and a sense of responsibility to carry on Jim's legacy. Over time, his role has evolved, and he now works diligently to enhance the organization, disseminate scholarly research, and evaluate its impact. His unique academic perspective enriches the diverse community of practice within CSAB. 

What sets Henry's experience with CSAB apart is the incredible diversity of individuals he has encountered. Engaging with professionals from various scientific backgrounds and corners of the world, CSAB provides a platform for knowledge sharing, learning, and collaboration that extends beyond traditional academic circles. Henry greatly values CSAB's support in bridging the gap between commercial and academic interests. 

Outside of his research, Henry is a badminton aficionado.    Henry's journey into the world of badminton began during his days as a school kid. His enthusiasm for the game led him to represent his university undergraduate team in NUS and, later, while pursuing his Ph.D. at Manchester University (ManU!). Throughout his academic career, he continued to play and even captained the university staff team for over 25 years, emphasizing the importance of sports in his life. 

In conclusion, Henry Yeung’s academic journey and contributions exemplify the power of collaboration and community. His research and involvement with CSAB highlight his dedication to advancing scholarly knowledge and fostering a global network of professionals. 

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