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Scopus Researcher Discovery Now Accessible to all Corporate Users Worldwide

on Mon, 03/18/2024 - 14:13

Find relevant researchers and transform your R&D process with Scopus Researcher Discovery

Researcher Discovery was released for A&G users in 2023.  (Click here to learn about the initial release). We are thrilled to announce that Scopus is expanding its horizons by making the Researcher Discovery feature available to Corporate users across the globe starting May 1, 2024. Scopus Researcher Discovery is an intuitive tool for corporate R&D professionals, allowing them to efficiently find relevant KOLs matches through keyword searches. This feature significantly simplifies the task of identifying and connecting with experts in their field, leading to enhanced research quality and and fostering collaboration within the academic and corporate R&D community. 

Who benefits and how? 

Corporate R&D professionals and research-driven organizations can reap numerous benefits from Scopus Researcher Discovery: 

  1. Simplified Researcher Identification: This tool streamlines the process of finding suitable KOLs based on their expertise, fostering efficiency in collaboration and research projects.
  2. Enhanced Research Quality: By connecting professionals with leading researchers in their field, Scopus Researcher Discovery helps elevate the overall quality of research projects and increases the chances of achieving research objectives. 
  3. Networking and Collaboration Opportunities: Scopus Researcher Discovery acts as a networking tool for professionals to connect with experts in their industry, paving the way for valuable collaborations and contributing to the advancement of their field. 
  4. Streamlined Research Process: Scopus Researcher Discovery saves time and effort in the research process, permitting corporate R&D professionals to allocate more resources toward their actual research work and accomplish better results. 

How does Researcher Discovery work? 

Using Scopus Researcher Discovery is a breeze. Users can effortlessly search for researchers, sort results, refine searches, preview profiles, and access full author profiles in a user-friendly interface. 

To get started, click on Researcher Discovery on the menu.  (See below) 


Enter the keywords / search terms to quickly find KOLs in a particular field. 


Choose the criteria you want to use to sort your search results. 



Quickly refine your search base on how recent matching documents were published, country or organization. 



  Click on Preview Profile for a synopsis of the authors information (including latest affiliation, years experience and year of latest mathcing document), most contribute topics, latest publication and e-mail address. 


  Click on View full profile to explore an author's full scopus profile including a metric overview. 


Scopus Researcher Discovery is transforming the way corporate R&D professionals identify and connect with pertinent KOLs in their field. Its global availability ensures that Corporate users worldwide can harness this powerful tool to enhance their research process and collaboration opportunities. Don't miss out on this intuitive feature – experience the power of Scopus Researcher Discovery today!