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Explore the redesigned Scopus Organizational Profile Page

on Wed, 01/25/2023 - 01:53

Starting January 25, 2023 Scopus users will be able to try a redesigned Organizational Profile Page.  The new page design was fueled by customer feedback and the product team's commitment to continually improving Scopus ease of use.  This redesign is a beta release and the product team will be collecting feedback over the next few months.  Please let us know what you think of the changes! (see below for instuctions on giving feedback).  We will collect your feedback and refine a final page redesign.

Trying the redesigned page is easy?

You can access the redesigned Organizational Profile Page by clicking on the Try new version button on the Organizational Profile Page header. (see image below).  Please let us know what you think of the changes by clicking on the A Share Feedback link on the new page header.  You can revert to the previous page design by clicking on the Return to original version button on the page header

Take some time to explore the new page features

We have made the University information section cleaner and more visually appealing by removing unnecessary information that cluttered the page (for example “other format names “)

We have decluttered the page specially the document counts.

On the old page there were two document counts: documents - whole institutions and documents - affiliation only. Users have expressed their confusion on the two documents counts and the difference in the count is very low. For the new page, the only number of documents shown is for documents - whole institutions.  The document count on the page now aligns with the document count on SciVal, bringing consistency within Elsevier products. We have also removed Patent count due to customer feedback.


We have cleaned up the tabs to be minimalistic and include the most important information required.

The three tabs are: Documents, Structure, Collaborators with sub information of documents by source under documents. This compared to the old tabs (Documents by subject area, Affiliation hierarchy, Collaborating affiliations and Documents by source) is less bulky and more intuitive.

We have rearranged the components on the page to bring attention to important features which were being missed by the users, such as the Alert functionality.


Release Date: 
February 7 2023