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Exporting Scopus documents to Mendeley

on Mon, 12/02/2013 - 11:42

As part of our ongoing efforts to integrate more closely with Mendeley, we're happy to officially announce that as of last week Scopus supports the "Save to Mendeley" Web Importer. Importing documents and metadata from the web is a key part of a researcher's workflow and should be as smooth and intuitive as the search process. Our hope is that the combination of the Mendeley Web Importer with Scopus will help accomplish this goal, facilitating scientific discovery and maximizing productivity for researchers.

Scopus subscribers who are also Mendeley users can now import up to 200 documents at a time to their Mendeley Library via Scopus. The Web Importer retrieves all relevant metadata for the documents being viewed. This development follows the successful integration of the Web Importer with ScienceDirect which was announced in September on Mendeley's blog.

To learn how to install the Web Importer, visit Mendeleys blog post on the subject: Interested in giving us feedback on this new feature? We'd love to hear it -- tweet @Scopus to let us know what you think.

Release Date: 
November 26 2013