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New Scopus Researcher Discovery - a tool for making connections

on Mon, 06/12/2023 - 19:56

Do you need to quickly find a collaborator for a research project? 

Can you easily locate leading researchers in a discipline outside your own?   

Scopus Researcher Discovery solves these challenges by allowing users to conduct a keyword search to find relevant researcher matches and quickly build a view of the individuals contributing to a particular field. This functionality is now available to all A&G Scopus users globally. Based on our high quality, Scopus global database of author profiles, it’s got a streamlined interface to help you get to the results quickly, and filters and insights to help you narrow down the researchers. This data driven approach helps you find the best connections and potential collaborators, find connections across disciplines and put together stronger teams

Researcher Discovery makes finding relevant researchers easy    

Researcher Discovery will help to increase the visibility of researchers and their work, and support collaboration, networking, and career development:.  It helps researchers to identify experts with certain criteria (disciplines; areas of study) to find collaborators or to identify targets for network building.  Helps early or mid-career researchers can benefit use it to look for partners for grant applications or to identify rising stars to target for collaboration or partnerships.  Researcher Discovery can be especially helpful for individuals trying to bridge into a newer/emerging field, adjacent field or multi-disciplinary area.  It supports the building of teams for multi-discipline research by encouraging researchers to discover research, and connect to relevant researchers, in other disciplines.

Using Researcher Discovery is simple and intuitive. 

To get started, click on Researcher Discovery on the menu.  (See below)

Enter the keywords / search terms to quickly find researchers in a particular field.

Choose the criteria you want to use to sort your search results.

Quickly refine your search base on how recent matching documents were published, country or organization.

Click on Preview Profile for a synopsis of the authors information (including latest affiliation, years experience and year of latest matching document), most contribute topics and latest publications.

Click on View full profile to explore an author's full scopus profile including a metric overview.


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