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Preprints are now searchable on Scopus!

on Thu, 10/05/2023 - 18:01

As part of our effort to help researchers stay up to date with early ideas and the latest research findings, we are excited to announce that preprints are now searchable on Scopus upon performing a document search.

What are preprints?

Preprints are preliminary, unpublished, non-peer-reviewed versions of scholarly papers that precede publication and act as an early indication of research. Preprints reside on preprint servers which are online repositories, which usually cover a set of subject domains and allow for dissemination, laying claim to an idea, and help collect feedback prior to submission. In total, we have 1.8M preprint records in Scopus (as of June 2023) from the following seven preprint servers:

  1. arXiv
  2. ChemRxiv
  3. bioRxiv
  4. medRxiv
  5. SSRN
  6. TechRxiv
  7. Research Square

Preprints allow authors to showcase their research, making a paper discoverable earlier in the publication process, and are an avenue for finding new research collaborators. Preprints differ from Articles-in-Press in that preprints are not peer-reviewed and have not been accepted for publication in a journal.

Link to the full Scope and coverage policy for preprints here.

How to search for preprints on Scopus

When users conduct a search and land on the document search results page, they can view preprints results under a new content tab labeled “Preprints”.

The following actions are available for preprints from the search results page:

A. Refine preprints results with search filters (search results, year, Author name, Subject area, Repository, Affiliation, Country/territory and Language)

B. Sort Preprints search results by Date (newest) which is the default sort, and by Relevance.

C. Show/Hide Abstract

D. View at repository

E. View PDF

F. View related documents (view related primary documents curated by the Scopus Content Selection and Advisory Board ONLY, no related preprints, no related secondary documents)

G. Link to author’s profile IF the author has more than one published peer-reviewed primary document indexed in Scopus. Note that preprint-only author profiles are not displayed on


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