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Research Intelligence Case Studies: A look into the challenges universities overcome using Scopus, SciVal and Pure

on Tue, 02/14/2017 - 23:52

Contributed by: Kelsey Grentzer

Over the past year, Elsevier’s Research Intelligence team interviewed dozens of research leaders from around the world to capture their stories about the challenges their institutions face and how they are able to overcome them using Scopus, SciVal and Pure. Whether it’s speaking to a customer from Australia who is using Pure to help support their National Assessment exercise, or a young, ambitious university in Taiwan looking to make a jump in the Times Higher Education rankings by using Scopus and SciVal, we’re learning firsthand how Elsevier’s Research Intelligence solutions are helping research leaders succeed in their roles and help shape their institutions’ strategies.

Kirsty Collinge from Heriot-Watt University talks about SciVal during an interview at the SciVal UK User Group Meeting at the University of Bath.

We have recently added a few of these new customer stories to the growing Research Intelligence case study library, including a written case study on the University of Vienna’s decision to use Pure and three video testimonials in which users describe their use of SciVal, which draws from the rich data provided by Scopus.

In our interview with Masud Khokhar, Head of Digital Innovation at Lancaster University, he discusses why the university chose SciVal and how its staff appreciates the role Scopus data plays in international university league tables. Usability was also a key consideration for the university.

“We did look at all the competitive products when we were procuring SciVal, and one of the things we found really useful about SciVal is how easy it was to use,” Khokhar said. “We wanted to disseminate this across the academic faculties, and ease of use was a very, very big criteria for us.”

We hope these customer stories provide some inspiration and insight into how you could be using Elsevier’s Research Intelligence tools to give your institution a competitive edge.

SciVal User Videos:

Pure Case Study Report:

We’ll be adding even more customer case studies to the library soon, including video interviews conducted at the recent Pure International Conference in Berlin, Germany.