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Scopus Content Selection Advisory Board meeting commences

on Mon, 10/27/2014 - 23:50

The Scopus Content Selection & Advisory Board meeting starts today and as always, we are looking forward to the lively discussion on topics such as: publication ethics, title evaluation processes, content expansion and ongoing content development programs such as the Cited References Expansion -- and much more.

Recently it has come to our attention that more clarity is needed regarding the work that the Scopus Content Selection & Advisory Board does throughout the course of the year.

Board members are (independent!) experts in their respective fields and also experienced journal editors. Quality is their main criteria when selecting journals for Scopus coverage. In addition to their thorough work throughout the year, Subject Chairs meet twice per year to talk in-person about important issues in the scientific publishing community. These meetings ensure that Subject Chairs are fully up-to-date on the current state of scientific communication as well as Scopus' product and content strategy. The meetings also serve to reiterate that Subject Chairs need to continue to apply the best quality criteria when reviewing journals for inclusion in Scopus. 

The Board does not review titles at the twice annual board meetings -- though we talk about it a lot. Subject Chairs review titles on an ongoing basis throughout the year using a proprietary online system. Subject Chairs also stay in-touch with each other (and us) throughout the year via email, phone calls and in a private online community.

Do you still have questions on the Scopus title evaluation process? We’d love to answer your questions. Please tweet your questions to @Scopus or email us today.