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Scopus Content Selection and Advisory Board meets in Russia

on Wed, 05/27/2015 - 11:50

It's that time of year again for our Scopus Content Selection & Advisory Board meeting (CSAB)! The CSAB reviews all titles that are suggested to Scopus and works closely with the product and marketing

team to understand how Scopus is used, what content is relevant for users, and what enhancements should be made to Scopus content. The board is comprised of 14 Subject Chairs -- an international group of scientists, researchers, and librarians -- who each represent a specific major subject field(s). The recommendations of the CSAB directly influences the overall direction of Scopus and the prioritization of new content requests to ensure that Scopus stays international and relevant for the global research community.

So why are we in Russia? Yesterday, 3 of our Subject Chairs, Peter Miller, Dr. David Rew and Karen Holland, gave a presentation and advice to Russian editors at NEICON's 4th International Scientific and Practical Conference > World-Class Scientific Publication 2015: Current World Trends and Practice in Editing, Publishing and Assessment of Scientific Publications.

Our meeting started this morning and already we have discussed re-evaluation of titles in Scopus, general title review statistics, the process of review, and publication ethics. This afternoon, we'll meet with the members of our newly formed Scopus Russian Content Advisory Board (more to come on this initiative in a later post). Tomorrow, we'll focus on the product roadmap and marketing programs. And on Friday, we'll hear about research assessment at St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University. Per usual, this is turning into an engaging week for all as this group is informed, lively, and passionate about Scopus and the pursuit of scientific excellence -- a great combination, indeed!