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Scopus export made easier with new direct export to Mendeley

on Thu, 01/16/2014 - 14:35

With the upcoming release on February 1, we would like to share some information on one of the major enhancements that will make exporting references easier. What will change? First, on specific page in Scopus, whether it is the Results page, Document details page or the new export option on the Author details page, users will be able to export references in one click.

Currently, Scopus navigates to a new page when a user wants to export the selected references. As of the release, a pop-out screen will appear that clearly indicates the primary reference managers using logos. After a user exports once, his/her settings are saved enabling them to complete their next export with one-click. This is saved during the current session or across sessions for logged-in users.

In addition to general improvements to the export interface, a whole new export option has been added. A user will be able to export directly to Mendeley. Building on the support added for the Mendeley Web Importer in November 2013, a user will be able to export directly to Mendeley from within Scopus and save this preference to his/her Scopus profile.

Below, you can view screenshots of how the enhanced export pop-up will look on


Pop-out panel clearly indicates the primary reference managers such as Mendeley:



Exporting results to Mendeley, the one-click option: 



Mendeley default export settings during the session:

Mendeley preference will be saved during the current session:





You can share your feedback via our Scopus Marketing email address. Keep watching this blog for more news and updates.

Release Date: 
February 1 2014