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Scopus homepage re-design coming January 18

on Thu, 01/14/2021 - 19:22

We are testing and improving the Scopus homepage over the next few months, starting with a refresh of the search form. This is to make it simpler, easier to use and more accessible based on direct feedback from our users.

We initially tested this new design with an A/B test (which you may have seen) and have been closely monitoring your feedback. The results indicate that the new design is performing better and helps users to more effectively search for valuable insights. Therefore, we will be releasing this improvement to all customers on 18th January.

Part of a broader re-design of the Scopus homepage

This update is part of a broader re-design of the Scopus homepage. Other changes we’re planning over the next few months include:

  • improved search history,
  • the addition of saved searches to the home page,
  • improved alerts to help you stay-up-to date, and
  • better linking to your author profile.

We’ll continue to communicate updates here on the blog.

We will also be helping our newer users to understand how to get the most out of Scopus, so look out for walkthroughs and clear explanations to help you in your discovery.

As always, your feedback is critical to ensure we improve the experience for our users. Feel free to submit feedback on the re-design of this page here, and we will make sure to take it on board! You can also find out more about A/B testing here.