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Scopus increases interoperability with SciVal and introduces new journal metric

on Fri, 12/05/2014 - 08:57

On December 4, Scopus released two important new features. The Scopus header has been redesigned to increase the interoperability with SciVal, Elsevier’s benchmarking and analytics product. Also a new journal metric called Impact per Publication (IPP) has been added to allow researchers and librarians better compare and evaluate journals.

Redesigned Scopus header: increased interoperabillity with SciVal
The Scopus header has been updated to align more closely with SciVal, Elsevier’s benchmarking and analytics product in the Elsevier Research Intelligence portfolio.  SciVal, launched in January 2014, is built on top of Scopus data and it allows users to compare and benchmark institutions, research areas and researchers.

Screenshot 1: Redesigned Scopus header

This change in the Scopus header is the first step to increase the interoperability between Scopus and SciVal making it easier for the user who has access to both applications to easily switch from one to the other, increasing the user efficiency.

Addition of the Impact per Publication (IPP) journal metric
This release includes the implementation of the latest journal metric, Impact per Publication (IPP), in the Scopus Compare Journals tool and elsewhere within the Scopus interface (where applicable). The IPP gives users a new metric to evaluate and compare journal performance that can help decide where to publish.

More information about the IPP metric can be found on

Screenshot 2: IPP values available in Scopus ‘Compare Journals’

Screenshot 3: IPP values available in the Scopus ‘Journal home page’

Read the full Release Notes for more information. We welcome your feedback. Email us at

Release Date: 
December 4 2014