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Staying up to date on the new content with the Scopus APIs.

on Thu, 08/13/2020 - 11:46

Scopus will be discontinuing the support of the RSS feeds as of September 9. You can use the APIs to build your own feeds of Scopus publications. The Scopus API is included with the subscription for academic customers.

Scopus APIs offer the same features as the interface, but with results in a machine-readable format that enables software, rather than humans on the web, to find articles, authors and institutions in Scopus. It allows you to extend the capabilities of Scopus and integrate the data in other systems.

You can also use the Scopus APIs to stay up to date with recent publications, ensuring that you and your users have access to the newest articles pertaining to subjects of interest.


Why are we ending support for RSS feeds?

RSS usage has been steadily declining in Scopus and globally in recent years. The largest RSS reader, Google Reader shut down in 2013 and Mozilla Firefox, the last major browser to support RSS, ended support in 2018. The RSS functionality in Scopus limited in its scope and usability, by utilising the Scopus APIs you are able to stay up to date with new content and allows for greater flexibility for content retrieval and content linking.

Furthermore, as we are adding support for additional data types in Scopus, such as pre-prints, we are making big investments in rebuilding and improving the underlying architecture of the platform. The RSS implementation is not compatible with these changes.

You can request the export of existing RSS queries, to be reused with the Scopus APIs, from Scopus second line support.


Getting started: Tutorial and GitHub program

Utilizing the API requires some level of technical capability and we have created extra resources to help you get started using the Scopus APIs

View > tutorial: ‘Staying up to date with new content using the Scopus APIs’

Download > presentation deck, with links to extra resources

Access > GitHub program, built by Senior Software Engineer, Serhiy Stupachenko

For further information and to get started with the use of the Scopus APIs visit the Developer Portal


Other Scopus API tutorials and case studies

We have presented several other Scopus API tutorials, created case studies with customers using the Scopus APIs and you can access short tutorials on the basics of Scopus APIs

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