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What’s new on Scopus: Topics of Prominence have arrived and more

on Wed, 09/26/2018 - 20:59

Topics Prominence have arrived on Scopus

What are they?

  • 100k Topics computed by SciVal based on citation network analysis
  • Each Topic is associated with a Prominence score (based on citation counts, Scopus views and average CiteScore) representing its momentum

Where will they be located on Scopus?

  • On Record Pages: each article covered by SciVal is associated with one Topic

How do they help Scopus users?

  • Improve the search and literature discovery journey
  • Help Authors showcase their contribution to a specific research topic

New search facets for Funding sponsor


  • Scopus users can already see Funding data on Document Record pages
  • With this release, the Documents results page will be displaying a new facet named Funding sponsor to ease further filtering of the results


  • It enables funding-centric analytics

Document Download Manager (DDM) Extension – Scopus Quick Search


  • The Scopus Document Download Manager (DDM) is a browser extension available for Chrome and Firefox that enables seamless full-text download directly from Scopus
  • With this release, the Scopus DDM extension will embed a Scopus quick search popup when clicking on the browser’s extension icon


  • This enable access to Scopus from outside of the product, e.g. while navigating on Google. 

Release Date: 
September 26 2018