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Case Study: Energized innovation with Scopus

on Wed, 09/09/2015 - 21:05

At a global packaging manufacturer, Scopus is a key resource for the main information researcher. Like many researchers across all industries and types, the information researcher in this study uses Scopus to deliver reports that energize innovation and improve competitive development.

To do this, the information researcher has to overcome two main challenges in her work; the limited timeframe in which to find the relevant information, and being able to understand exactly what the researcher needs – as the subjects and areas of interest vary greatly across the company. She "always recommends Scopus as the primary starting point for new research because it actually shortens the start-up time for new projects.”

The multidisciplinary aspect of Scopus is also a real benefit – she gave the specific example of ‘clean room technology’ which returned citations from a variety of disciplines – engineering, environmental science, pharmacology, energy and materials science. In an industry that involves diverse and changing disciplines, Scopus’ broad coverage of subject areas is a major asset when monitoring new publications across multiple fields. Likewise, the ongoing emphasis on collaborative industrial partnerships remains key in this industry, it is an essential part in creating new solutions. Using the Affiliation Identifier is a critical component when looking for potential partners and the output of particular companies or institutions.

The information researcher sees Scopus as a “gold mine” of information,“particularly when digging into a new area”.

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