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How to use Scopus to identify key opinion leaders in 6 easy steps

on Mon, 12/07/2015 - 17:28

Making sure you can identify partners and key influencers within your research field is an important part of the research process. With Scopus you can quickly and comprehensively track the major research players in your field. For example, looking at the field of oncology, you can determine who the key opinion leaders are in this area by following these 6 easy steps:

  1. Perform a <Document Search> on “oncology”
  2. <Limit> the years to 2013-2015 to ensure you get the most recent research on this area
  3. Click <Analyze search results> and ensure date fields are set to 2013-2015
Figure 1

  1. Compare the document counts of the top authors in the table, and then click on the corresponding line in the bar chart (to the right of the table, see 'step 4' in figure 1) to take a closer look into individual publications (see figure 2 for an example)
Figure 2

  1. Returning to the <Analyze Search Results> table, click on the author name hyperlink (see 'step 5' in figure 1) for a closer look into the author profile, affiliation, citations, co-authors and more (see Figure 3 for an example)
Figure 3

  1. From here, you can use these insights to decide which scientist may be the best fit for potential collaboration

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