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Scopus now includes preprint content from two additional preprint servers: TechRxiv and Research Square

on Mon, 07/11/2022 - 16:17

As part of our effort to provide access to an array of early indicators to help build a view of expertise and impact across the research life cycle, Scopus continues to increase its preprint coverage.

In September 2021, we announced that we had begun adding content from the Social Sciences preprint server SSRN.

Now we are excited to announce the inclusion of two additional preprint servers: TechRxiv, which is the preprint server by IEEE in the areas of engineering, computer science, and related technology; and Research Square, which is a multidisciplinary preprint server by the Research Square company.  

Since announcing the inclusion of preprints as a content type in Scopus in early 2021, Scopus has enriched 1.8 million Scopus Author Profiles with 1.23 million preprints dating back to 2017. In addition to TechRxiv and Research Square, the preprint servers selected for Scopus include the main preprint servers in the areas of Physical Sciences (arXiv and ChemRxiv), Biomedical Sciences (bioRxiv and medRxiv) and Social Sciences (SSRN).

By the end of this year, we expect to feature links to approximately 15,000 TechRxiv and 150,000 Research Square preprints dating back to 2017, which will bring the total number of preprints in Scopus to 1.4 million.

Need to request changes to preprints associated with your author profile? You can do so via the Author Feedback Wizard (AFW).