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Scopus Panel at ALA-Midwinter: New Possibilities in Evaluation Metrics

on Wed, 01/22/2014 - 15:37

Join the Scopus team at ALA-Midwinter this upcoming Sunday for a special panel on "New Possibilities in Evaluation Metrics: Authors + Altmetrics = ?". The panel will take place in Elsevier booth #1207 on January 26 at 3:00 PM.

The topic:

Since Scopus launched 10 years ago, publishers, institutions, librarians, and researchers have become enmeshed in a radical reinvention of the means by which authors and readers interact with and evaluate one another. The means of measurement, identification, collaboration and analysis of researchers have all converged into a mash-up of previously disparate lexicons.

This panel brings together speakers whose work explores the intersection of new author-centric standards like ORCID with the fast growing altmetrics movement. Moderator Michael Habib, Senior Product Manager, Scopus, will challenge the panelists to address how new standards for author identification complement and support the altmetrics movement.

What is the relationship between author-identifiers such as ORCID and altmetrics? Altmetrics are commonly associated with article-level metrics, how do author-level metrics fit this picture? How can these new parallel initiatives work together to both foment revolution and simultaneously support the status quo which represents the majority of practicing researchers today? Where does the world of A&I fit in? What challenges are on the horizon? What will the future look like when the dust settles after the convergence of these trends?


Martin Fenner, MD    
PLOS Technical Lead Article-Level Metrics, NISO Altmetrics project consultant, ScienceCard founder, former ORCID board member |

William Gunn, Ph.D.    
Mendeley, Head of Academic Outreach and co-directs the Reproducibility Initiative |

Kristi Holmes, Ph.D.     
Becker Medical Library Bioinformaticist and co-creator of the Becker Model for Assessment of Research Impact, VIVO Director of Outreach, ORCID Outreach Committee |      


Michael Habib         
Scopus, Senior Product Manager |

We hope to see you there!