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Scopus to test new system in order to improve speed

on Fri, 09/12/2014 - 07:55

Starting September 15, Scopus will test a method of selective internet routing to speed up delivery of our pages to customers. Most customers will see an improvement in speed. However, some customers with unusual internet configurations may experience a problem. If you are suddenly unable to access Scopus as before, this may be due to incompatibility with the new routing method.

If you suddenly lose access to Scopus, please first check that the above is indeed the reason for the problem by trying the following URL: This should give you direct access to the original Scopus IP address as before the test.  If you now have access again, then you will need to follow the steps below to restore normal service.

While we help you fix the problem, your users can continue to use Scopus via a workaround using This may occasionally require them to change the URL – adding a 2 after www – for some links.

IP white listing is the problem

The problem is expected to arise if you are restricting access to specific IP addresses (IP whitelisting) through your firewall or proxy service. Because we use specific routing across the internet, the last server will not be the original Scopus IP address, so will not be on your list. If you are using domain name whitelisting there should be no problem.

If you are using a whitelist, you can solve the problem by adding the Scopus domain name instead of the IP addresses of the Scopus servers.

If you are unable to change this or if it does not help, please contact your local helpdesk and let us know that you are affected.

We will configure your account to restore service – this will also entail your adding a list of IP addresses to your whitelist.  Please be aware that this list changes periodically and will need to be maintained if you continue to use IP address whitelisting.

Release Date: 
September 15 2014