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Seamlessly integrate Scopus citation counts into your webpage

on Tue, 09/22/2015 - 16:19

Scopus APIs are a great way to showcase your research, your institution’s work and connect others with Scopus content and data. Additionally, anyone can obtain an API key and use our APIs free of charge, provided that our policies for using APIs and the data are honored.  You can learn about the variety of APIs available for Scopus on our new Scopus API page here.  We also thought it would be helpful to highlight the value each Scopus API provides, one post at a time, starting with this one on the Scopus Cited-by Counts API.

To provide an example of how Scopus APIs can add value, Victoria Rao, the Elsevier Product Manager responsible for both Scopus and ScienceDirect APIs, presents a personal example — using the Scopus Cited-by Counts API to add a dynamic display of her husband’s research accomplishments into his online publication list and CV.

So, rather than a simple list of his authored work, as seen here (figure 1),

Figure 1

his publication list now seamlessly integrates the ‘Cited by’ image for each article where he has enabled the Scopus Cited-by Counts API (as shown in figure 2). 

Figure 2

Even better, now any time someone cites his articles the counts will automatically update. Additionally, as a viewer, I can click on the Scopus image and view who has cited his work.

To learn how to do this for your own work, read Victoria’s blog here. Her example walks you through the necessary steps—from procuring a brand new API key from the Elsevier Developers’ portal to customizing and embedding the cited-by counts to display on your website.