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Author full name now available in select Scopus screen views

on Tue, 05/17/2022 - 20:33

A new Scopus feature provides improved clarity on which author(s) contributed to research content. Author full names, now included on select Scopus screen views, will allow articles to be attributed more specifically by providing complete names.  This feature will be especially useful in regions where author name ambiguity is an issue (due to many authors sharing common surnames).  Author full names will also be available when exporting from Scopus. 

When author full names are available, they will be visible:

  • In the Document Page
  • In the Author Profile Preview of the Document Page
  • An additional column, Author Full Names, will be available when exporting from Scopus in the CSV, Plain Text and BibTeX formats

Data for this feature is extracted from article meta data within Scopus.   When article data does not include an author’s full name, only the last name and initial will appear. In screens other than the Document Page and Author Profile, author names will continue to be presented with the last name and initials


Release Date: 
May 17 2022