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Discover richer research signals with new and improved Scopus functionality

on Thu, 10/28/2021 - 13:58

Dive into the major improvements to across 2021 

With the world of research constantly evolving, it’s critical to continue improving the tools and insights available to understand your field and the impact of your work. Our product teams are always seeking new opportunities to grow and improve Scopus, to help you make high-value decisions with confidence.

  • We’ve undertaken an ambitious redesign of the Scopus website to optimize user experience, improve functionality and move over to a state-of-the-art technology platform. The redesign allows us to increase the frequency and pace of development updates, minimizing disruptions to your work.
  • We are delivering more and improved insights, making it easy for you to identify opportunities, track activity and source crucial data for decision-making.
  • We are improving our state-of-the-art search tools and filters you can discover critical information, monitor trends, and identify subject experts. This makes it simpler to visualize, compare and export the data you uncover.

What’s new and improved in Scopus this year?

  • Scopus Author Profile pages: We’ve expanded the existing functionality to provide additional information and context.
  • Author Feedback Wizard: We have made the workflow more intuitive and introducing the ability to edit preprint and grant data.
  • Documents Details page: New features include a Views Count metric and Scopus Author Profile previews.
  • Policy citations in PlumX metrics: Over 7.8 million policy citations have been added to nearly 3 million items in Scopus, linking research to use in policy.
  • Preprint content in Scopus Author Profiles: SSRN preprints are joining the content we’ve added from four other major preprint servers since January this year.
  • Funding data: We’ve increased the number of articles containing funding information, optimized tracking functionality, and launched a project to add historical funding award data to Author Profiles.
  • Open access (OA) filters: We have added or updated OA classifications for 17 million documents to date, so OA content is easier to locate and analyze.

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