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Scopus makes millions of open access articles easily discoverable

on Tue, 12/04/2018 - 01:44

With Elsevier’s recent partnership with Impactstory, a nonprofit that creates online tools to make science more open and reusable, researchers are now able to discover millions of peer-reviewed open access (OA) articles with ease.

Making open access (OA) content more accessible

The OA movement has made it possible for scientific research to become more widely available. But while OA articles are free to access, they are not always easy to find. Scopus users have been able to locate OA content by filtering results for articles published in journals designated as open access, but now that scope has been significantly widened.

Access over 8 million OA articles on Scopus

Scopus has now broadened users’ ability to discover open access content thanks to a new partnership with Impactstory, a nonprofit that develops online tools to promote open science. Document-level OA data from Impactstory’s Unpaywall database is now integrated with Scopus content, increasing the amount of OA-tagged content in Scopus to over 8 million records and counting.

See the current number of open access articles in Scopus

Find open access content more efficiently

Millions of researchers across the globe using Scopus will now save more time and effort by being able to quickly hone in on OA content, right within their workflow. University research offices will benefit as well through improved strategic analysis and benchmarking.

As organizations committed to finding concrete ways to support open science, Elsevier and Impactstory believe this partnership will be a great benefit to researchers looking for OA content and to the research community as a whole.