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What’s on your profile page? A tip to check and correct your author details

on Mon, 02/01/2016 - 18:17

Inspired by Jessica Kowalski’s recent Scopus webinar, follow this quick tip to check and correct your profile.

During minutes 21‒25 of her webinar, Jessica speaks about the importance of accuracy in author profiles, especially in regards to career management (watch the webinar). Name ambiguity can impact the correct attribution of your work, career advancement and potential collaboration opportunities. For example, your Scopus details page (see example below) includes performance assessments based on the work identified with your name.

As Jessica explains, to display this information, Scopus uses a powerful algorithm to disambiguate a paper and match it to the correct author profile(s). This algorithm analyzes information such as publishing history, author affiliation and co-citation behavior. However, although extremely sophisticated, algorithms can only go so far. There needs to be a feedback mechanism that allows authors to verify their information and provide corrections when needed.

So, where can you access this feedback mechanism in Scopus and make sure your work is correctly attributed? Here are 2 easy options:

  1. Use the Scopus 2 ORCID Wizard form (
  2. Use the author feedback form (

Both options provide simple step-by-step instructions that not only walk you through verifying each record associated with your name and locating any missing items, but also allow you to determine your preferred name. The first option provides the added advantage of integrating your Scopus author record with your ORCID profile. To learn more about managing your author profile and ORCID, watch the video below.

Note: Even if you do not have access to Scopus, you can still check and verify your author profile using either option.

ORCID and Scopus: Manage your author profile


Learn how to create your ORCID record and manage your profile using Scopus.

If you missed the webinar, you can still catch the recording.  It provides you with an overview of everything Scopus — from what content updates were made in 2015 to the nuts and bolts of using Scopus in your research.The Scopus team hosts live webinars regularly. Register with our webinar channel to make sure you stay alerted to upcoming events and are notified when the recordings become available.